Podiatrist Marion Yau – Tips On Choosing Your Summer Sandals

Summer is approaching and it is time to let those toes loose and air out your feet.  The best things you should be wearing are flip flops and sandals. When looking for the ideal footwear keep in mind a few tips; they need good arch support, has good shock absorption (with a thick cushioned sole) and shoes that are not too loose.

I recommend you start wearing flip flops with arch support very gradually, so that your feet can get use to them and prevent pain. The following are examples of good open toe shoes that could be considered for people to wear this summer

FitFlop IqushionHave Both Styles For Men And Women

This is a great supportive shoe that has a sole made of Air Foam and has built in supportive arch and heel cups. I love the Air Foam and heel cups as they are great for reducing impact and helps with weight distribution, it also reduces shock absorption to relieve stress on the heel and foot.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals

Birkenstocks are a popular brand and many podiatrists recommend them. I find them to be a stylish footwear brand and it is contoured.  It contains supportive arches, deep heel cups and metatarsal cushions. I believe all three of these aspects are great biomechanically and the additional cushioning for those who suffer pain at the bottom front part of the foot and the heel.

Vionic Brielle Platform-Sandal

Vionic sandals come in various styles which are fitted with a biomechanical footbed that supports the foot. Their studies claim their sandals effectively alleviate heel pain as they biomechanically “hug” your arches, therefore supporting the foot, which is ideal for people that have flat foot. These sandals also have multiple straps allowing the foot to be well supported.

Timberland Santorini Sun Wedge Sandals For Women

Who doesn’t love a pair of Timberlands! I find the adjustable buckle provides stability and motion control for the foot. The EVA-blend foam allows rebound of the high powder when the foot hits the ground, providing great cushioning & preventing injury.

NIKE Canyon Sandal

This is a fantastic shoe as it has really supportive foam soles.  The triple strap closure helps not only to hold the foot in place but also the ankle, which provides more stability when the foot hits uneven surfaces. The width of the sole can accommodate the width of the foot which I believe is great for people with flat feet.  The outer sole is firm and provides grip plus good support for daily movements.

Fit Ville Arch Rebound For Men And Women.

This is a new sandal that just been released. It uses an anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed that has been made to provide arch and heel support for flat foot.

I find that if you have stable arch and heel support in open toes shoes. They make walking and standing much more comfortable.

Do you have a favorite flip flop or open toe brand? Tell us why you like them?


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She has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine, Runner’s World Magazine, The Sun, Evening Standard and Metro. Her clients have included celebrities including Grammy award winners, TV, Broadway stars and movie stars.

She has also treated some of the best athletes in the world and members of the Olympic team and Great Britain team.

I am a bubbly happy podiatrist with an interest in fungal nail infection, ingrown toenail surgery, corn removal and callus removal. I truly care about my patients and have received over 100 5 stars reviews. I have created this channel in the hope to teach people about the coolest job in the world. I can’t wait to meet you. MFF

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