Rachael Sacerdoti Shares Accountability

If you have been failing to hit and maintain your goals in fitness or weight loss, it is highly likely that the missing ingredient is accountability.

The science to weight loss is not complicated, consume fewer calories than you expend and you will lose weight.  Not everyone understands how to eat well or how to exercise in the best way for you, but this information is readily available.  Indeed, many people who DO know enough about healthy eating and exercise still cannot achieve what they want.

In my weight loss journey, it was the accountability that pushed me on.  I promised myself and those around me that I would achieve something and I built a system around the goals.  Taking progress photos and body measurements at regular intervals.

It was different to other times I had tried to shed weight.  In the past I had looked for crutches.  Fad, crash diets or personal trainers.  But I always cheated… I was relying on some or something else. Being accountable doesn’t mean being perfect, but it does mean being consistent, being true to myself if I stray from the path, I own it, I don’t just make excuses.

I think that a high level of accountability is the secret sauce and I have built accountability into the core of the It’s So Simple method.  Our clients join groups of like-minded women, sharing their journey with each other it is much harder to let the team down than to let ourselves down.  This is the first form of accountability, to the community.  Our clients are also holding themselves accountable on their journey, tracking their exercise and eating, and they have me and my team of coaches always available to support, cheerlead and help them course correct.

With the right building blocks of education, support and accountability, most of our clients really thrive.  I have built a system around accountability really helping our clients to own their journey and form the most amazing and lifelong habits. If you want to learn more about how we can help you to bring the magic of accountability into your life, just drop me an email or a DM on Instagram and join a global community of women transforming their bodies from the inside out.


About The Author


Rachael Sacerdoti is the founder of It’s So Simple a health and wellness coaching company for women.  The It’s So Simple method is based on Rachael’s personal experience of losing 30kgs at almost 40.  Rachael was born in Singapore and has lived, worked and studied in three continents.  Rachael is passionate about helping women around the world to transform their bodies from the inside out through the It’s So Simple community.

Rachael lives in London with her husband and three children (9, 8 and 5) and their Australian Labradoodle, Boris.