Self-Care Week – From Office Yoga To Quit-Smoking Campaigns


Self-Care week, an annual nationwide awareness campaign which encourages people to take time for themselves, in order to live a healthier, happier life. At NextGEN360, the wellbeing of our employees is very important to us, so it’s no surprise that we have embraced a week aimed to benefit the mental and physical health of our staff. We want to help everyone at NextGEN360 to find a new way to improve their well-being in some way.

In spirit of the event, we hosted a CBD (short for cannabidiol) yoga event. Using CBD in the practice is a growing trend amongst yoga enthusiasts, who claim it has many advantages over traditional yoga, such as, improving focus, calming the mind and relieving muscular pain.

However, the primary reason CBD is used with yoga is its ability to prolong the positive feeling released when practising it. When we feel good, we naturally produce a neurotransmitter called Anandamide. ‘Ananda’ (translating to ‘bliss’ in Sanskrit), is named the ‘bliss molecule’. Although it provides a good feeling, it is broken down by the body very quickly. Studies show that, CBD may suppress the enzyme that breaks down the molecule, thus creating longer lasting effects from the naturally occurring anandamide in our system. In short, the feeling of bliss can be enhanced by incorporating CBD into yoga.

The yoga session hosted a group of 40 employees and was led by a trained instructor and focusing on exercises to target back pain, posture and other office related problems. It proved to be extremely popular with our staff and, as a result, we’ve decided to hold a yoga session every month.

In spirit of the event, we also held a campaign to encourage our staff to quit smoking. We offered free vape devices to all smoking staff. The EDGE Hybrid Pro is a new device, yet to be released. It is the perfect tool to transition smokers, making use of a traditional cigarette it comes with a filter tip, creating the closest yet experience to a cigarette. 30 staff members took up the no smoking challenge with the help of the Hybrid device. So far, we’ve had outstanding feedback.

We also provided fresh fruit every day for office and warehouse employees and left positive on each staff member’s desk. Each card included a self-care tip, paired with a discount in conjunction with the tip. We also pinner up self-care posters to raise awareness about the week and promote positivity. On feedback from the week, staff also reported to find our office dogs, Reggie and Henry, as a form of stress relief on a day to day basis.

Personal self-care is indispensable in our team. We found it can boost productivity, increase positivity, as well as strengthen relationships between colleagues and help to build an overall better supported network within the business. We hope that our efforts to promote the importance of self-care week inspires other businesses to invest in the wellbeing of their employees.

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