Sharron Keogh – Finding Home & Work Life Balance After Covid19

Is it important to find a good home and work life balance?

Yes and No.

For some people it helps them to stay in the mindset they are showing up for work and not just simply working from home. For others, the whole point of working from home is to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own environment with less of the fixed corporate experience. Every person is different and it is about finding out what works for you. I find a balanced approach where you schedule at least one day with no zoom meetings to attend so you can decrease the zoom fatigue and have the freedom to dress as you feel.

There should be no rules! I rarely paint my nails so I wouldn’t start now, where others do it regularly. Doing our hair, make up and nails can help you feel good about yourself and is a chance to make an effort and get dressed up in a time where we have less opportunities to do this. It is also a great way to distinguish your time and roles between work and home. However, if it doesn’t feel good or the challenges of work, homes chooling and the load of lockdown is all too much then don’t and show up as your authentic natural self.

As a former Health & Safety Manager I always recommend having a dedicated separate space at home in which you work. Mentally this helps with your mindset and focus, and your ability to split between the different times and roles you may be in when working from home. Also important to consider is the ergonomic set of your workstation and space as if you were in the office to maximise comfort and movement and reduce the likelihood for illness or injury when working from home.

Some key things to ensure a good work

life balance whilst working from home

1) Set yourself key objectives for the day like you would from the office, when they are done, switch off and return to your home life.

2) Have a separate workspace set up to have clear boundaries between work and home life for yourself and the family.

3) Use the extra time in the day gained from not travelling to focus on yourself and your needs be it physical or mental wellness. So, unless you work best in the morning, there is no need to start the work day at 7am when you previously were travelling. Use this time to fit in a workout or a meditation that previously you may have run out of time for as part of your self care.

What have you found time for now your working from home?

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