Review – Snooze Natural Sleep Drink

Every time we pick up a paper there seems to be another article about the epidemic of insomnia affecting so many of us. Whether due to distraction by our phones, the pace of life or the usual financial and relationship challenges we all face, sleep seems increasingly hard to assure. Medical opinion is split on the exact consequences of lacking sleep over a long period of time but anyone who has suffered long-term insomnia is well aware of the damage it can cause to quality of life.

I have suffered long-term insomnia for the past 9 years since losing a business and going through divorce, so I was interested when The Energy Healing Magazine   asked if I would be interested in trying the new Snooze natural sleep drink  to review.

Armed with three 135 ml attractively designed cardboard cans of this herbal blend of botanical extracts thought to enhance sleep: Valerian, Passionflower Linden Flower and Lemon Balm, I decided to check its effect on particularly challenging nights.

They weren’t long in coming. The first night I reached for a can I had woken up after only three hours’ sleep with a strong desire to get up and read. I did so for 1 hour, drank a can of Snooze, read for another half hour then went back to bed feeling relaxed. Result: quickly fell asleep and woke up refreshed.

A few days later I had gone to bed but felt distressed and restless. Got up, drank the next can of Snooze, stayed up for half an hour, back to bed, fell asleep: Unusual good night’s sleep.

So far, so good. I even enjoyed the light, flowery, taste of Snooze which might have been better refrigerated, something I hadn’t thought of since I kept them by the bed.

On the third and final test I again woke up after only three hours’ sleep. Can of Snooze, 1 hour’s reading and back to bed. Another good night’s sleep from thereon.

I have no idea whether the effect was entirely due to the botanical extracts or due to the placebo effect of drinking something which I thought would help. But I can report that I did sleep better and felt less anxious. I am off to buy my own stash of Snooze.

The prices for the different quantities range from a mixed sample pack of 4 cartons for €13,45 – to the regular or strong pack of 12 for €35,45  which can be bought from the Snooze website –


By Henry Mayhew