Sonia Gibson Shares The Power Of Confidence In Your Business

Why Confidence In Business Is The Key To Leadership, Growth And Achieving Your Goals

Confidence is a key ingredient to success for business owners, but it’s not something that comes naturally to a lot of people.

While you may be an expert in your field or the best at what you produce, being a business owner comes with a steep learning curve which can knock your confidence from time to time and impact all areas of your business, as well as you personally.

After 7 years running my own accounting firm I now know that my level of confidence in everything from decision making, to how I lead my team and how I advise my clients, will have a direct impact on outcomes, so it’s an important muscle to know how to flex.

Here are some of the key things I have learned about confidence as a business owner:

  1. Lack Of Confidence Can Lead To Missed Opportunities

When you lack confidence, your ability to make critical decisions, interact with clients and employees, and move forward with intent is compromised. It will also lead to procrastination and missed opportunities.

  1. Know When To Ask For Help

Being confident doesn’t mean you have to know everything and have all the answers. It’s about recognising your strengths and knowing your limitations. When you have a clear understanding of what’s in your wheelhouse and what’s not, you gain the confidence to acknowledge when assistance is needed and can then seek help from others with expertise in that space.

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  1. Build Your Support Network

Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial for developing and maintaining confidence. Having a network of positive and helpful people who believe in your vision can provide you with the support and encouragement you need during challenging times – and there are plenty of those when you run your own business!  It’s equally as important to have the confidence to say “no” to toxic relationships or situations that are detrimental to you or your business.

  1. Celebrate The Wins And Reflect On Achievements

In the hustle and bustle of daily business operations, it’s easy to lose sight of the progress you’ve made. I celebrate all my wins, both big and small, as I have found it an essential part of building and maintaining my confidence. Taking time to reflect on past achievements reinforces your belief in yourself and your ability to overcome obstacles.

  1. Embrace Change And Growth

All businesses, like human beings, undergo transformations and the only thing constant in life is change. Being able to embrace change and view growing pains as necessary steps toward advancement is a testament to your confidence as a business owner. Every step you take in your business journey comes with lessons to be learned – and some of those lessons will be painful. Having confidence in the fact that good things happen outside of your comfort zone will help you navigate your business through the necessary stages of growth, just as a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis.

Confidence is the fuel that drives business owners forward and empowers them to lead, grow, and accomplish their goals.

What do you do to develop your confidence in running your business?

Which of the tips I’ve shared resonated with you?


 About The Author


Sonia Gibson is the Director at Accounting Heart Chartered Accountants. Sonia has always loved solving puzzles and empowering people to help themselves. Accounting Heart brings these two passions of hers – her head and heart – together. While figures might send you batty, to Sonia they tell the unique story of your business. It’s her role to translate that story into one you’ll understand so you can then write it your own way.


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