Spring-Inspired Eye Look By SELFAMOUR

Spring is always the time that wakes certain desire in all of us to switch our makeup looks and try something new. Most commonly, this includes some fabulous pop of colour on the lips. However, this spring will be under a huge presence of the face masks, which leaves the eyes as the only visible face part. The make-up industry has already set some of the biggest make-up trends, and most of them revolve around the eyes.

So, if you are looking for a fresh and quick eye make-up change, here is one Spring-inspired look that will most definitely make your eyes pop.

How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Start by de-puffing your eyes in the morning with a rose quartz eye mask. It works in the same way as ice (minus the melting water and freezing fingers). The cooling of the natural stone helps to de-puff the delicate eye area and awaken sleep-deprived skin in a way the coffee alone just cannot do. Now your eyes are awakened and fresh. Let’s do this!

Each good make-up look starts with a good base. This means that you need to create a canvas for the eye makeup, which is most commonly done by a concealer or eye primer. With a brush, apply the product all over your lids, from the inner to the outer corners.

Apply Concealer or Eye Primer


When the lids are ready, contour your eye by using a matte bronzer with a fluffy round eye shadow brush. This type of brush is particularly great because it makes the blending easier. Start from the outer corner of the eye through the socket line.



Now For Some Colour


Now comes the time for some colours. Go for a lilac matte shade and apply it to the mobile part of the eyelid.


Brush or Finger Tip Application


Some products are better applied with a brush, and some by fingertips. The shimmer is one that goes with finger application. Add a bit of it on your fingertip and apply it to highlight the centre of the eyelid.


Create A Romantic & Interesting Look

By using a flat eye shadow brush, apply the same matte lilac eye shadow to the lower lash line. This will extend the colour out past the outer corner of the eye and deliver a more romantic and interesting look.



How To Give Your Eyes More Definition

When the eye shadow is applied, comes the time for a final definition of the eyes. This process includes eyeliner and mascara.

Go with a liquid liner pen. Begin with drawing a line across the upper lash line. When you get to the outer corner of the eye, angle the pen eyeliner and wing it up, like you are creating a cat-eye look. This will give the eye more definition and put an accent on the lilac eye shadow colour.

Applying Mascara


For the final step, apply two coats of mascara. Start with the bottom lashes first, and then go for the upper ones. The mascara and the liner will create a nice frame for the eye, making the colour more vivid and accentuated.


And… you are done! Take a look in the mirror and see the spring vibe on your eyelids. This is a subtle, romantic, and soft spring-inspired eye-makeup look that will look great as both day and night eye makeup choices.

Now You Know How Give It A Try…

For this spring-inspired makeup look, I used the following products:

Makeup revolution eye shadows;

MCoBeauty skinny liner and

Xtend lash mascara.


About The Author

SelfAmour is a beauty and wellness brand that empowers women to be unapologetically ambitious and follow what sets their hearts on fire. We create an indulgent escape for driven women to rest, recharge, recreate by offering luxurious rose quartz eye masks, a delightful add-on to their self-care routine.

Pictures featuring make-up artist: Jessica McKenzie @jessicamakeupartistry

SelfAmour’s Rose Quartz Eye Mask @selfamour.au

Website: www.selfamour.com



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