Stephanie Menere Shares What Makes You Happy In Your Business?

What Makes You Happy Running

Your Own Business?

One of the best things I ever did was start my own business. I always knew I would, that it was my destiny. It isn’t for everyone, you have to be so dedicated. So completely ready to step up into a new version of yourself and often multiple times in a week. Is it worth it? As My Big from Sex and the City would say ‘Absof—kinglutely’.

It’s A Transformative Journey

I didn’t expect business to be such a transformative journey. I am a Chartered Accountant and I had been advising business owners on how to run a successful business for years before I took the plunge (well in all honesty it was more of a push). With my experience, I thought it would be a walk in the park. What I didn’t bank on was how much I had to believe in myself and stay in that state of confidence.

It was a huge challenge to develop the skills to be able to say ‘yes I am right and yes I am doing a good job’ with no one sitting behind me or beside me nodding their head. In those moments of doubt, the only thing that was driving me forward was my commitment to the success of my business.

When You Stand Up For Yourself You Create Magic

The feeling when I stood by myself and got the outcome I desired..? Nothing short of magical. I felt powerful, like I was finally truly doing what was best for me. I was never standing up, pretending, lying or bullying another, I was simply saying to the world ‘yes I am good enough’. To give yourself that kind of support is such an incredible feeling. When you find that something that doesn’t allow you to rest in the comfort of your negative patterns, you have to go after it, grab it by the horns and hold on as tight as you can for the ride.

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It Will Be Uncomfortable

Growth is uncomfortable. It is unavoidable. What is more uncomfortable is waking up when you are 90 years old and realising you didn’t try all the things you had once dreamed of, all because you were worried about failure or change or discomfort.

The tough times are worth every moment, because when you get through them you know you did that. You created a beautiful team, you attracted incredible clients, you kept your s–t together when you thought you couldn’t. You did it. Even if that thing you did was small, it was a step towards your big dreams.

All The Reasons Why I Love You

I love so many things about my business. I love that I get to set the work hours that work for me. I love that I prioritise my own wellness and can always find the time to do this. I love the satisfaction when I hit my next big (or little!) milestone that it was me who did that. I love that I get to work with women who share my values. I love that when I finish a meeting 9 times out of 10 I want to do a little happy dance because I feel so aligned with my clients and in the work I am doing.

I love that I feel blessed every day because I am living my purpose.

What is something in your business that makes you feel blessed?

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About The Author

Stephanie Menere is a Chartered Accountant dedicated to empowering women in business who struggle with their finances. Her mission is to help women overcome their fear of numbers and create successful businesses that reflect their unique feminine strengths.

Stephanie’s expertise lies in simplifying complex financial concepts and delivering them in a way that is supportive and easy to understand. She knows that many women don’t feel confident with numbers and don’t identify as “numbers people,” so she speaks their language, not accounting language.

With over 10 years of experience, Stephanie has helped countless businesses overcome crippling debt and achieve financial freedom. She combines practical accounting principles with money mindset techniques to ensure that the changes her clients make are permanent.

Stephanie offers a variety of services, including consulting for larger businesses, online coaching through a membership, and courses. Her goal is to create an empowering and supportive community that promotes learning and growth in both business and life.

If you’re a woman in business who wants to take control of your finances and make money beautiful, Stephanie is the expert you need. Learn more about her approach and services at or follow her at @penny_school.