Susie Taaffe – Getting Back Into Shape For Your Bikini

Ok, so it’s time to start thinking about getting back in shape for your bikini. Some thoughts that might be crossing your mind…. I wonder which cleanse, juice fast or Keto diet can help me drop 5kgs in a month so I can wear a bikini?

Hi, I am Susie Taaffe and I am extremely passionate about getting your body ready for wearing a bikini this summer!

However, what you don’t know about me is that I am not here to provide you with how to lose weight fast tips. I am of the very strong opinion that your body is already ready to wear a bikini – it is your mind that is not.

So, how do we go about shifting your mindset so that you can see what I see?

Bikini Tip 1 Mindset Shift – What Would Your 80-Year-Old Self Say To You?

Let us start with my absolute favourite mindset tip. “What would your 80-year-old self say to you?” Often, we look back on photos from a time when we thought we looked awful and in hindsight realise we looked great. So instead of waiting until we are 80 to look back at ourselves now, let’s see ourselves daily through our 80-year-old eyes. Wow darling, look how strong and stable your legs are! You look so vibrant and full of energy and joy. When compared to our weakening bodies as we age – what a joy to have a body that is only 30, 40 ,50, 60 or even 70!! Cellulite… pfffft what of it?? Look at how you can move and enjoy life!

Try it on for size…. Visit a nursing home and talk with the 80-year-old women! I will bet their insight is wise and they think you look absolutely gorgeous exactly as you are!

Now aside from getting your mindset right and into perspective, I do have some styling tips to help you with your journey towards feeling great in a bikini exactly as you are now.

Styling Tip 1 – Know What Style Of Bikini Suits You And Feels Good To Wear

Find a bikini that suits your body shape (probably work out your body shape first).  Maybe your shape suits high waisted briefs or maybe a low bikini style – knowing this will get you much further along than starving yourself!  I recently tried a new style of bikini bottom which I thought would be dreadful on my shape and in fact it really suited me.  Go into a department store and try on lots of different styles to find out what suits you best and what you like the feel and look of. Target and Kmart have larger size ranges than the usual swimwear boutiques.

Styling Tip 2 – Make Sure Your Bikini Is Not Too Tight!

Now the next huge tip is to make sure they are not too tight – when the elastic cuts into your body and creates a roll or muffin top that is NEVER going to make you feel amazing in your body. I actually wear 1-2 sizes larger in my bikini bottoms so instead of a 14-16 I wear one that’s 18-20 (often hard to find).

Styling Tip 3 – Invest In Finding The Right Match For Your Harder Body Section

I find that we either have an easy bottom or top to fit but not usually both. Spend time and money on finding the solution to your hardest part. Often you can find separates in lots of variety for your easy part. Note, if finances allow and you find a bikini that you feel great wearing, and which suits your body shape – buy it in more colours! I find the styles often don’t come out again so if it’s your difficult part to fit you will be glad you invested in more than one.

Now when you think about putting on your bikini and heading to the beach or pool – what would your 80-year-old self say to you?

Much love

Susie xoxox


About The Author

My name is Susie Taaffe and I have two daughters so I’m extremely passionate about healing body image issues for women. If we can change the conversation, we can prevent the cycle from repeating. I don’t want my daughters growing up counting. Counting calories, carbs, minutes on the treadmill, numbers on the scale – it’s exhausting and all consuming. I am an activist for loving the body you are in right now – no matter what!

As an engineer so love piecing together solutions plus I have extensive experience in maternity clothing manufacturing.  I use this experience to create fashion products to solve pain points in women’s lives. My first product, Petti-pants Underwear are designed to eradicate the dreaded and formidable thigh chafe whilst feeling silky and soft – like you are wearing nothing. For my customers, this product has literally changed their lives.

This is just the first of many products I plan to create for women as tools to FEEL amazing in themselves every day. Feeling comfortable within is key – both physically AND emotionally. I am passionate about sharing this message with all women.

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