The Benefits Of Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy, modality or treatment that restores, maintains and optimizes the flow of vital energy or chi, through any living being.

As we take a closer look at this vital energy we will see how energetic healing can enhance your health and your happiness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.[sociallocker]

Chi is loosely translated to air, gas, breath, spirit and information. Chi, simply put, is that which gives life. It is what animates life. In physical terms of the body, Chi is what makes the difference between a living person and a corpse.

Chi is energy and information. Take for example a living human. On the physical level we are flesh and bone and muscle, tissue and cells. On another level, less visibly obvious, we are membrane, nucleus, molecules, electrons, protons and neutrons. And on another level, we are energy. And within that energy is information. This is the Chi level.

Chi does not only flow through the physical body, it also surrounds and emanates from the body. This Chi or energy surrounding the body is sometimes called the human energetic field, bio-energetic output or electromagnetic field. In spiritualism, it is called the aura.

Good flow of Chi, sometimes called a strong life force, is what makes a person “energetic”, radiant, happy and healthy. Weak flow of Chi creates a person who feels “low energy”, weak, fatigued or unwell physically, mentally or emotionally.

Chi is meant to continually flow, not become stagnant. People with stagnant energy flow will say things like “I feel stuck”, “I feel like I can’t move forward” or “I am just so low in energy”. Which is intuitively naming the state their flow of Chi is in.

Chi or life force has had many different names throughout history and in different cultures.

To name some of the more commonly known ones;

Chi or qi in Chinese culture, as mentioned already.

Prana in Hinduism and in Indian culture

Mana in Hawaiian culture


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