The Ten Energy Healers 2019 – Gitte Winter Graugaard

Most recently, in April this year, she gave her first TEDx talk on how meditation and a strong connection to our hearts can benefit children. And her three books, ‘The Children’s Meditations In My Heart’, ‘The Valley of Hearts’ and ‘The Monster Manual’ are all designed to enable children to be free from anxiety, cleanse their minds and to thrive through child meditation. Each night thousands of children fall asleep while their parents read them meditations from Gitte’s books.

Nominees Three Achievements:

April 2019 – Gitte gave her first TEDx talk in Peterborough in the UK, on how meditation and mindfulness can benefit children.

2018 – Gitte launched The Momo Academy ( to take mindfulness, meditation and yoga into Danish schools.

Gitte has also written a number of best-selling children’s books, sold the world over in various languages, that are endorsed by the Royal Danish Embassy.


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