The Top Ten Energy Healers 2019 Simon Hay

Simon Hay

Simon’s an accredited spiritual healer and Reiki master, but he’s spirit trained not practitioner trained. He earned those accreditations after more than a decade of doing successful healings.

My role in the healing process is that of facilitator. I believe my role is important but not exclusive. We can all heal, but not all of us will choose to, or believe we can. The vibration/frequency for healing is present in all of us.

Nominees Three Achievements:

1. I’ll identify why you drink and smoke, but you will have to be disciplined to stop. A number of clients believe coming to see me assisted them to give up addictive habits. I also believe that to be true, but afterwards they exercised self-discipline and actively pursued a healthier lifestyle. One client, who smoked fifty plus cigarettes a day, claims she was unable to draw on a smoke after seeing me.

2. Distant healing is as powerful as if you were in my healing room, but it requires clients to have a higher level of faith. In some instances, distant healing is more effective than in-person. The healing vibration is not limited by distance. Everyone has a unique experience, and it’s possible to feel the same sensations that you’d have in my healing room.

3. Soul Healing you may experience contact from spirit and spirit healers. Many clients have described feeling other hands and physical sensations throughout their bodies.