Tracy Richardson Shares Unwind to Uplevel in Life and Business

What They Don’t Tell You

As a small business owner/ entrepreneur no one ever tells you when you start out that you won’t simply be doing the thing you love to do. You know the thing you’re in business for and the reason you began this journey.

I mean, you’re busy managing your home, navigating relationships, scheduling children and ferrying them around, aiming for some semi-balance of a social life, all on top of running a business. And, this doesn’t take into account the things you actually have to do whilst working on your business and not just in it. Sometimes it feels like there should be another 24 hours in the day, just to fit it all in.

Reaching Burnout

This is why many business owners reach burnout, where they are physically and/or mentally exhausted from chronic stress exposure. A Capital One survey in May 2022, found 24% of people were currently experiencing burnout and 42% of small business owners had experienced burnout in the past month. So, making time for you and creating opportunities for you to unwind prior to reaching this stage is of paramount importance in 2023. If the last few years have shown us anything, it is that without your wellness, the rest of the ‘stuff’ is insignificant by comparison.

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Why Do I Feel Like This?

Your body’s natural state is to be in one of flow and being at ease. Though modern life can trigger you into a constant state of alertness and feeling on edge, which leaves you unable to relax. For you to be able to relax the nervous system needs to feel safe and to return from ‘survival mode’ into a state of equilibrium and turn on the relaxatory response.

What Can You Do?

It’s time to take time for you and implementing strategies that simultaneously enhance your wellness, performance and business life.

Firstly, decide on what you want to do to help you unwind. This isn’t a one size fits all solution, as you are all different and so ask yourself ‘what is the one thing that I could do today that would help you relax?’ This could be lying down on the bed and closing your eyes for 5 minutes without the family interrupting you. This could be sitting in your car and taking 10 minutes out before returning from work. This could be taking yourself off for the night in a hotel to decompress and ‘star fishing’ in the bed. This could be listening to a meditation app or going to an in person class. Whatever unwinding looks like for you, start by choosing one thing.

Secondly, when you really are busy, you will need to create space for you to unwind. This is often ideal at the start or the end of the day, and actually blocking it out in the diary so that it is scheduled really helps with accountability and actually completing it. Colour coding it in the diary and placing it on repeat means that it will stand out and that you cannot overbook yourself.

Thirdly, if you find what you have chosen works for you, schedule it in regularly. Now depending on what you have selected this may be daily, weekly or monthly- but if it’s in the diary then it is set.

From working with my clients and chatting with fellow business owners, here are some great unwinding ideas for you to try;

  • Using an app for meditation.
  • Lying on the grass and cloud watching.
  • Breathing through the nose and focusing on how the breath feels as it moves in and out of the nostrils.
  • Taking a relaxation/boxing/Pilates/Yoga/dance class.
  • Taking a bath undisturbed by the kids and the dog.
  • Going on a wellness retreat with an overnight stay.
  • Ensuring to nourish your body with quality foods and water.
  • When it seems like there is no time using Bach Rescue Remedy.

This is not an all-encompassing list, but start small and if it works, then repeat it.

How Does Take Some You Time Help Take Your Business Forward?

It creates a positive shift in your mental and physical wellness. By purposefully factoring in activity for you to relax, means that your energy can be recharged and then you feel ready for you to utilise this in your business life. If nothing changes, then nothing changes, so it is about recognising the need to make a changes and them implementing something super simple and starting with something small that is repeatable.

What one thing can you implement today that will support

you in unwinding and relaxing? Leave a comment below…


About The Author

Tracy Richardson is a Therapist, Wellness Consultant and Educator at Serendipity Wellness®. Where she helps entrepreneurs and businesses to support physical, mental and spiritual wellness, by devising actionable solutions that simultaneously enhance health, performance & business life. “Wellness makes you a Well-being’.

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