Rachel Bashford – Want A Healthy Life? Embrace Vegetarianism.

People often ask why I decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 11. I can remember my reasons as clear as day. I didn’t really enjoy the chewy nature of meat; plus, I loved animals and wanted to be a vet one day. Unfortunately, I never made Vet school, but I am still a proud vegetarian to this day. But, what are the benefits of this lifestyle? Some say it can reduce the pressure on our environment, others that it is just empty, self-righteous waffle. What is the truth about going veggie or vegan?

There are many health benefits to becoming vegetarian. Just simply thinking more carefully about what you buy and why you are buying it can allow you to focus more on what you are putting into your body. According to expert sources, being vegetarian can save you around £570 a year. It is a myth that vegetables are more expensive; meat and the processes that go into producing it are costly in comparison. Meal planning is a really handy tool to make your shopping quicker and more focused. If you do a quick search for tasty veggie meals online, then add the ingredients to your shopping list, you can save money and be in and out of the shops in no time.

Some people worry about not getting enough protein from a veggie diet; with such a wide variety of protein-rich foods available to us, this is no longer an issue. From eggs, chickpeas, tofu and a wide range of plant protein products filling the supermarket shelves, there is a huge choice to take advantage of to nourish your body. Going veggie or vegan can really help the planet – meat is farming intensive and does take its toll on the soil, the atmosphere and water supplies. Many wonder about whether it’s worth buying organic. This is a very personal choice as this can be more expensive; it’s good to do your research and work out which products are best to buy organic – such as potatoes or root vegetables.

According to the Veganuary movement, a record 400,000 people worldwide signed up this year. This shows that more and more people are realising there are many health benefits in reducing meat intake. There is the potential to take things a step further and buy vegetarian or vegan clothing or shoes. Many shoes these days are produced to vegetarian standards and can be found at reasonable prices in high street shops. This all supports the idea that as a society, we are concerned about what is healthy and good for the planet too and this is impacting what retailers are producing. If you want to try being healthier and feel better about your environmental footprint, why not embrace going veggie.

What do you have to lose?

Bonus: It can help save the planet too….


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