Venessa Nickless Shares Working With Your Mind – Not Against It…

Did you know that the average person has nearly 50 thoughts per minute*. That’s around 70,000 thoughts per day! Have you ever wondered what those thoughts might be? Our minds are actually wired to be on the more cautious side, in order to keep us safe. That’s why it’s so common to be scared of heights, our mind is warning us, ‘You might fall’, to keep us safe. You can see why then, it’s so easy to stress about things. Our mind is wired to worry, to keep us safe! So, take a deep breath in…exhale, long and slow, and relax a little…it’s normal to worry, stress, be anxious even, but what’s not normal is to stay stuck in the negative.

The majority of our thoughts go on subconsciously, meaning that we aren’t even aware of them e.g. you don’t think about making your heart beat every minute do you? Similarly, many of our thoughts and beliefs are inbuilt, we’re not consciously aware of them ticking away in the background. Being able to change the parts that aren’t serving us – constant anxiety, being unable to switch off from stress and worrying about things we can’t change is important for us to function happily day by day.

As tribes people (or cavemen) our fight or flight response was just as it is now. If a lion or bear threatened us we fought (anger & defence) or fled (ran to safety). The difference being that these days we have far more instances of this happening and less time to de stress after.

Imagine a normal day for many people. Alarm to wake up (yes even an alarm clock can cause a stress response), getting toothpaste on your top, running late, traffic, meetings, bills… add your own in, there are hundreds. Our brain/body connection is the same as it was all those years ago; we just have far more going on. Which means we must recognise and give ourselves the time and/or ability to let go of everything that builds up throughout the day. Yes, you can go to the gym, but what if you’re too tired, running late from work or just don’t like the gym?

Learn To Work With Your Mind Rather Than Against It:

Many times clients I work with are frustrated by their anxiety, angry that they are stressed and worry that they worry so much. But by learning how the brain is wired to work and teaching ourselves to change the patterns of thought and reaction that we’ve been running (possibly for years) we can start to deal with stress and anxiety far better.

It’s like tuning into a radio station, once you have the correct bandwidth you are able to listen clearly and your journey is enjoyable, but if you are not tuned in, that journey will be painful.

Have you been struggling with that bandwidth?

Or found ways to tune in? I’d love to hear your experiences, leave me a comment below…

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