What Is Energy Healing? – Removing The Myths And Stating The Facts

Energy for healing isn’t something new.  For thousands of years many traditions have used different energy forms to heal.  The ancient Indians talked about the universal energy of Prana.  They believed that Prana, the breath of life, flows through all forms and gives life.  The Chinese said that Ch’i was the vital universal life source energy and observed the opposite forces, yin and yang. They believed that when the yin and the yang were in balance, physical health would be at its optimum.

Through science and quantum physics, Albert Einstein proved that our universe is not locked into a box called space but that matter and energy mould the shape of space and the flow of time.  His ground-breaking results confirmed that space, time, matter and energy are all closely interlocked and the change of one can influence a change to the others.

When we consider the term energy healing it offers a greater understanding. As human beings we are also made up of thousands of energy and matter particles and as Einstein’s research proved, this means that we can also influence changes within our own energy fields.  With the wisdom of our ancestors it opens the opportunity to take a unique perspective to our perceived reality, raise our awareness and connect with the universal energy source that lives around and within us to live a life of full potential.

So, what is healing?

As a noun the word healing refers to the process of becoming healthy again. Our bodies are amazing creations and are healing all the time. We sleep so we can heal by rejuvenation.  We eat so we can heal and grow.  We breathe to heal and keep our organs alive.  However, to really heal we need to play a big part in this on a conscious level and therefore do our bit to keep our minds, bodies and spirit in alignment and operating at the best they can be.

When we refer to the connectedness of energy and the human consciousness system, healing refers to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being, and each of these four columns that make us whole are interlinked with each other.  Our physical body is also surrounded by the aura. The aura is multi coloured and multi layered and is an expression of our thoughts, emotions and feelings.  A change of state in one-layer influences change in the others and depending on your level of awareness to each element it may be a factor to the real depth of healing that you experience.

To give understanding as to how we heal we need to appreciate the relationship between the four columns of energy and how they influence each other.

We are all connected – you are what you feel

As you stand today, you are a product of your lifetime experiences.  From these experiences you have formed your own individual set of behaviours, beliefs and values which now determine how you respond to the world and those around you.  My belief is that when you have a raised awareness of your ‘map’ then it is here that your own healing journey can begin.


This is a sample taken from the chapter What Is Energy Healing? – Removing The Myths And Stating The Facts, published In The Book of Energy Healing.

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