Why Use Energy Healing For A Happy Life?

Thoughts and emotions are energy. We are emotional beings. But we are not designed to be storage devices for a back log of emotions.

It breaks my heart to see people suffering sadness, anxiety, fear, doubt, depression, confusion, disconnect, unhappiness. But these emotions all have a valuable place in our lives and there’s times when these feelings can be a valuable experience and certainly a valid response to what’s happening in our lives, currently.

But to live in that state long term is not only miserable but toxic for one’s health on every level and those around us. Suffering does not have to continue throughout our whole lives, no matter how bad the trauma was at the time.

All emotions have value even the ones we call “negative”.  But if we continue to remunerate, cultivate and relive these negative emotions it becomes energy that is stagnant or becomes blocked rather than flow through our energetic field as a temporary experience, as emotions are intended to be. There is a Buddhist phrase that goes something like this; “Emotions are to be like a bird flying through the sky, leaving no trace of itself behind.” When these emotions or stresses are stored long term it begins to effect our physical health and the way in which we perceive the world, people around us, our loved ones and their actions.

When we can remove this clouded lens through which we are viewing the world, it helps reveal to us how much more simple, enjoyable and joyful life can truly be. We all have joy, bliss and peace within us. Most the time we don;t feel it or notice it because of the random inner dialogue and mind chatter that is often doing re-runs of old hurts, frustrations or insults. Or simply being a dedicated and unrelenting inner critic.

We can feel the emotions and experience them, we can learn from them but then for the optimal health and well-being of our bodies, minds and relationships, we need to let them go.

Energy Healing & Meditation is one of the most powerful ways in which to do this.

A professional energy healing practitioner can help to move stagnant, old or blocked energy, emotion, thoughts, tension through and out of the body and the energy fields running through and around a person. It is a very relaxing experience and can also include some insights, guidance or messages perceived by the practitioner, from your body, soul or energy fields innate intelligence.

It’s not usually easy to do self reflection or dive into stored emotional pain to see whats being carried around, but as Teal Swan said “The only way out, is in.” And once we go in, we can clear away cobwebs, debris and heavy baggage we no longer need to hold onto. And what a beautiful sigh of relief it is, when we finally allow ourselves to put it down and simply let go.

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