Zoë K. M. Foster Finding and Feeling Success (Like a Goddess)

A friend of mine recently wrote a post about going through a – shall we say, ‘dry’? – patch in her business, and had (in a fit of the sullens I feel) applied to a bunch of jobs, which she was well or over-qualified for. She didn’t hear a peep from any of them, and that (naturally) brought up a few things for her to chew on.

This friend is very successful as an entrepreneur. In fact, I think she’s amazing. I definitely look up to her, and cheer her on through both successes and failures (yes, those are normal). And yet I can 100% relate to the slump-phase where “getting a job” feels like the best/ only way out.

Defining Success – YOUR Way

There are so many blueprints and formulae out there telling us how to achieve “success” AND what that “should” look like, and yet none of them address the elephant in the room – how success actually feels viscerally and tangibly for YOU, the one in charge!

Yes, it’s easy to get sucked into the marketing because we just want to get “there” as quickly as possible, right? And yes, part of that destination is definitely going to be about making money (either for your own use or to plough into a charitable cause close to your heart), but have you really dug down into what “success” looks and feels like to you, both on a daily basis and longer term?

Because here’s the thing, you’ll never find your version of “success” until you dial that in, and moreover, make a habit of doing so regularly. Taking on external notions of success will ultimately feel empty beyond the initial dopamine hit. You’re also much more likely to keep flip-flopping around between ideas you think will work better, but never quite hit the mark.

Your Vision Is Your Super-Heroine Power

Getting really clear – and ever clearer as you progress – on your unique vision that you see bringing to life for yourself and the world around you is your power tool to success. Nobody else has this!

Even if your idea is similar to someone else’s, they can’t bring your energy, your history, your why, or your unique array of gifts and abilities. Your vision encompasses all of these. This is your magic; own this fully and you’ll already feel success begin to infuse your entire body and energy field.

Accepting & Harnessing Your Feminine

Almost all of the entrepreneurial models we see both online and offline are based upon the energy of the masculine. Nothing wrong in this – we all (whatever gender) have a blend of both masculine and feminine within us. But living in a man’s world, to male rhythms (24 hours vs. 28 days), and to formulae pushing purely masculine methods will exhaust you. And it will – even if on a purely subconscious level initially – just feel wrong.

In contrast, when we really step into our feminine energy in all its power (in balance with the masculine), and begin to hold intentional space for it, what comes through us is both intensely soul-nourishing and incredibly potent for our customers and clients. It reaches a whole new level not-dreamt-of through logical and linear, productive thinking and processes!

If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that real soul-aligned alchemy happens in the void space, if we fully allow and surrender to it.

Bringing Intention Over A-Game

Being goal-focussed can be motivating and even exciting, but it is not nourishing on a soul level. And whoever you are, you need both. The balance is different for each of us though. It took me a long, long, long time to realise I thrive on about 99% nourishment and 1% goal orientation (and that’s definitely not the environment I “grew up in” as an entrepreneur. For me, energetic intention-setting every day creates the magical space and energy-brew for me to WIN, every time (and yes, that includes honouring the ebb/ void parts of our cycles!).

Expanding Your Goddess Energies

How often do you really sit within your intention-energy and allow it to infuse all parts of you (even the resistant and contracted parts)? Pushing through is an option in entrepreneurship, and sometimes very much needed, but bringing all parts of you willingly – and in genuine soul excitement – with you is so much easier and more pleasurable! And make no mistake! Whatever your business is, it should feel deeply pleasurable to you.

The space we hold for ourselves and our businesses is both physical and energetic. Your environment matters, and what you bring to and infuse that environment with each day matters. In this space we birth and raise fully embodied, integral businesses unlike any others out there. We create and connect differently. We immerse ourselves in our intention and unique vision, and we naturally begin to radiate that out like a beacon. Doesn’t that make your entire being tingle?

What do you need to start feeling this deep, magical and wholly visceral success today?


About The Author

Zoë K. M. Foster is an artist, author and creator of the SacredExpression™ method. She lives a nomadic life with her husband and 2 children in the wilds of Devon, UK.

Zoë channels immersive, life-size energy art for divinely feminine rebels. She is also the creator of her SacredExpression™ method, a playful, whole-body experience which combines sacred geometry, Jungian mandala psychology and fully-embodied, energy-expanding self-expression.

Into her work, she brings over 20 years of training and experience as a cognitive psychologist, yoga teacher, energy worker, and spiritually-creative misfit.

You can find Zoë and all of her current offerings at zoekmfoster.com and on social media @zoekmfoster.

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