C C S Swedish Formula Foot Care Cream

With so many foot care cream products on the market today how do you even begin to find a brand that would be suitable for your needs. Often we source our products by recommendations from our friends and family. Or some of us go down the ethical route valuing, natural ingredients used in the products, recyclable packaging or that have not been tested on animals.

Last month May 2023 we received some beautiful footcare products – C C S footcare, based in the United Kingdom (but have other facilities based all over Europe). Here at A Woman’s Bible the team have take off their shoes and socks and have been busy trialling this foot care cream product out over the last few weeks.  We’d like to share our findings with you:

Firstly let me tell you, our feet are feeling fabulous! This cream is a game-changer when it comes to taking care of those tired and rough feet. We were all impressed here in the office by the texture of the cream. It’s not too thick or greasy, which is a big plus for most of the team. It spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding around after applying it. Plus, the subtle minty scent is quite refreshing.

After using it for a few days, we noticed a significant improvement in the overall condition of our feet just in time to bring out those Summer sandals. The dryness and roughness were visibly reduced, and my skin felt much softer and smoother. The cream’s formula is enriched with urea and glycerin, which are known for their moisturizing properties, and boy, do they deliver!

Another thing I loved about this footcare cream is its long-lasting effect. Even after a whole day of running around, my feet still felt moisturized and revitalized. It’s like giving your feet a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

CCS Foot Care Cream is especially formulated for dry and callused feet.

Contains 10% moisture-retaining urea, and works in 3 ways:

  1.  Softens
  2. Hydrates
  3. Improves the protective barrier of the skin

CCS Foot Care Cream also has a fabulous fresh smell. The result is soft, supple and fragrant feet. Prices range from £3.95 to around £15 in the UK.

Overall, A Woman’s Bible would highly recommend the C C S Swedish Formula Footcare Cream to anyone in need of some serious foot pampering. It’s effective, non-greasy, and leaves your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Trust me, your feet will thank you!

C C S foot care cream products are developed and manufactured in Sweden and their pharmaceutical heritage means that you can be assured of quality products that really work. Put simply, they say we  offer footcare products that can be trusted. They work – no fuss.

A Woman’s Bible would like to award C C S Swedish Formula Footcare Cream an 8/10 we love our new soft and smooth feet here in the office thank you.

If you’d like to find out more about their products visit; https://ccsfootcare.co.uk/