Can you share the secrets of business success?

Muser Words is updating our essential entrepreneurs guide to business success, Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business. Can you write a chapter? We’re looking for practical advice on subjects that will really help business owners and managers grow their enterprise.

Topics include, creating a business plan, networking, motivating yourself and / or your staff, outsourcing, managing your accounts, working from home, using social media for your business, creating a great website etc…We’re hoping you can add to this list.

Contributors to Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business will be credited for their chapter and we will also publish your biography and a link to your site. Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business will be marketed worldwide and it will be available as an ebook and paperback.

Co-author requirements:

Must have experience of running / managing or founding a successful business. or a background in finance, marketing, social media or sales.

Deadline for chapters:

October 18th 2016

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