Diana Shares Some Traits Of A Successful Business Woman In Todays World

What Traits Would Serve You Best As A Business Woman?

Confidence that you can do anything, especially the things you can’t. Confidence is the key to success, and it’s something that you can have in abundance. You just have to believe in yourself, but also be realistic about your abilities.

Resourcefulness In Finding Information – the internet has free answers to most everything, even technical issues.

Helpful To Others– this is always useful for me because it helps you build confidence when you see others are struggling with things that are easy for you.

Resourcefulness Is A Trait That Is Essential In The Business World. It helps people find information quickly and effectively. This trait can help you find the answers to technical issues or even how to solve a problem.

What 3 Challenges Do Women In Business Have To Overcome?

Challenges women in business need to overcome are plentiful! First comes family responsibilities- kids and family responsibilities are blessings and are so motivating but the reality is they are time constraints as well. You need to figure out how to get help for some of these things so you can focus fully on your business.

It is a challenge that there are not many examples to look to- there are less successful women out there to look towards for good examples.

Finally, there is less financing available to women because less financing is controlled by women- seek out woman backed financing opportunities.

Is Social Media The Best Way To Network Your Business In Today’s World?

Social media can meet a lot of things- depending on the branch of business you are in- different social media sites work better than others. I run a commercial cleaning business offering janitorial services across New York City. We have most of our traffic coming from Google and Google My Business profile instead of Facebook and Instagram. When an office manager is looking for a commercial cleaning company they will Google it, not check Instagram. But if I was selling cute t-shirts, no one would be searching Google for me. They would be watching what people are posting on Instagram

What 5 Tips Would You Give When Wanting To Grow Your Business To The Next Level?

The tips I would give when you are growing a business are the following.

Firstly, find videos on YouTube with people giving advice. Next, watch a few different ones to judge for yourself what makes sense for you. Next, do not pay for mentorship or coaching. The next one is related. Do not pay for expensive marketing services. Finally, do as much as you can yourself- when you think you can’t do something- take a week or two and Google “how to XXX” and really get into it. So, if you do eventually pay for service you will know what you need better.

Confidence is key when it comes to being a business woman. If you don’t believe in your own abilities, then how will anyone else ever believe in them?


About The Author

Diana is an MBA graduate with a background in finance & business operations. She runs a commercial cleaning business providing janitorial services to businesses across Brooklyn, and New York.

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