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Many of us might not know the importance of  Magnesium or that it is an essential mineral required by the body for our everyday well-being. It’s just one of seven essential macro-minerals that the human body needs in large quantities. The body does not produce Magnesium naturally,  therefore the requirements needed must come from outside sources i.e. your diet.  Magnesium-rich foods include: dark leafy greens, seeds and nuts, including sunflower and sesame seeds, cashews and almonds,  squash, broccoli, and other vegetables, dairy products and legumes.

According to World Health Organization statistics, as much as 75% of the U.S. adult population do not meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Recommended Daily Intake of 420 mg.

With many of us living in the fast lane of life, it’s easy to skip the occasional meal or turn to a quick alternative of fast foods.  Doing  either of these  will eventually  lead to  becoming deficient in this essential mineral. It’s an inescapable fact that few dietary elements have more influence over the body than magnesium and  healthy magnesium levels protect metabolic health.  It also helps to stabilise your mood, keep your stress levels in check, promotes better sleep, and also contributes to heart and bone health. So, as you can see,  the absence of a  stable Magnesium intake through your diet or as a supplement can not only have a huge negative effect on your body/general health but, eventually,   your lifestyle too.

This is where Future You Health steps in.

Before writing this review I’ve been taking Future You Magnesium supplements every day for 28 days as I have a problem with insomnia.  With a regular  intake of  the supplements  I’ve  experienced a huge difference in not only getting off to sleep but also staying asleep (getting past that dreaded hour of 3 am).  When  I’m awake  I also feel more relaxed and in a much better mood/frame of mind.

I’ve found the Future You Magnesium supplement easy to use as you can take a tablet in the morning or evening with or without food.   It has no known issues taking this product with alcohol.     As a side note,     I love the fact that it is also suitable for vegetarians or vegans and is Gluten free/Lactose free. Plus the Future You Magnesium supplement has the added bonus of no horrible after taste. I’ve personally taken my supplement (one capsule per day) about half an hour before bedtime, and this seems to work for me.

So if you’re having problems switching off to enable sleep I would highly recommend this Future You Magnesium supplement with it’s key ingredients of Magnesium Lactate – 574.9mg, of which Magnesium – 56.25mg, Vitamin B6 – 1.40mg.

If you’d like to purchase some of these Magnesium supplements visit:

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