Gina Yallamas: Reframing Wellness And Evolution

As an Urban Shaman and Transformational Life Coach, my own personal journey back to my ‘Higher Self’ or what I like to call my ‘Inner leader’ landed me in places and experiences that required me to go beyond what I called a ‘normal’ level of trust at that time. After letting go of my own perception of this ‘normal’ level of trust, I realised how limiting this one belief was in my own growth and expansion as a healer and teacher. Trusting the merging of my inner and outer world through navigating the formless nature of energy to create a new form of reality became my passion.

After completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, my journey into acupuncture led to unravelling unknown energy healing skills that my guides were teaching me in other dimensions. I completed a year with the Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA) soon after and really began to connect within and explore the nature of the healing I was channelling. I soon realised I was a shaman and began to notice the similarities of that with the understanding of Quantum Healing I learnt about in TICA.

Dr Jo Dispenza (neuroscientist) also described Quantum healing in one of his blogs:

‘In order for people to truly heal someone else, they have to get to the frequency of the fourth energy center. It is here in the heart, in this center of oneness and wholeness, where we begin to connect to the quantum (or the unified field). It’s here where the union of polarity and duality exists.’

The pattern of disease exists in light, so when people start opening their heart and energy starts moving from their lower three centers up into their heart, once it reaches their heart the research shows it continues up into their brains. As it moves upwards, it moves through the neck, down through the nerves, and into the hands (which is what enables people to facilitate a greater frequency). Once someone begins facilitating the frequency of wholeness, as the cell becomes more whole and less imbalanced, it’s going to go through a host of chemical, biological, and genetic changes.’

Being a guided healer means I access inter-dimensional realms to channel many healing frequencies based on what each person requires. Clients then receive exactly what they need based on what they bring to the sessions. There is a degree of variability here however trusting that our higher self is the one who’s really in charge is the key. As a channel, my role is to open the door for these frequencies to reach you through higher planes and inter-dimensional beings.

Ancient and not so ancient practices that dive into other worlds are where Eastern Medicine philosophy, Energy Medicine, Shamanic or Indigenous Healing practices originated. They are all making a resurgence in our everyday modern lives as we wind back the clock to a time when human connection, nature’s elements and inner technology were integral parts of our lives. They currently compliment Western Medicine and provide effective healing and prevention solutions for those of us motivated and committed to understanding and living a more natural way of life.

In addition, going beyond the ‘normal’ physical realm into the non-physical realm of our energetic wellbeing is essential for holistic wellness, purpose and fulfilment. After opening and reconnecting with my own ‘Inner Leader’, my purpose is based in helping highly motivated open minded leaders and professionals open to their own deep awareness and ‘Inner Leader’. Their expanded awareness and experience can then ripple through to their teams/clients/organisations to provide further expansion of true human potential. Energy Medicine will eventually be a necessary and viable path for everyone to truly help people connect with their energetic potential.

As we evolve, personal wellbeing becomes a high priority as it is the foundation for why we are here. I base my healing and coaching work on three core values:


  1. Your problem IS the solution
  • Own the problem, take responsibility and learn.
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself, do your best and be confident
  • Always be ‘present’ in your life and turn absence into a holiday
  • Opportunities are infinite so be ready to receive the next opportunity


  1. Trust your flow
  • Stop comparing and love yourself no matter what
  • If you don’t like parts of you, only you have the power to change them
  • Old habits can ‘die easy’, your beliefs and habits are what makes things hard
  • Trust and believe in your ‘Inner Coach’, that’s where your em-powered-path emerges


  1. Vibrate High
  • Embrace all parts… love or fear, choose to love your fear unconditionally until it becomes love.
  • You can access a field of possibility in any moment if you believe it
  • When the heart is whole, the mind will follow
  • Happiness is often temporary, challenge yourself to go beyond the moment and find your deeper permanent joy


The interdependence of these aspects provides a model of ‘flow’ that taps into calculated challenges and risks through pure trust, honesty, accountability to self and belief in our ‘Inner Leader’. Risk and change can bring great joy and expansion when guided choices are imagined and harnessed from the inside and intentionally and joyfully created in our outer physical reality. That’s where we thrive through creating meaning, fun and purpose from the inside out.

Healing and personal expansion is a continual shift of perceptions and beliefs in the heart so we can choose an explorative process of diving into new deep zones of ‘being’ that provides the treasure map for the inspired ‘doing’. The clarity of this map is often dependent on our personal energy and vitality so although the inner guidance is received, the action is then based on the pace at which we implement the ‘doing’. Essentially, personal evolution is a commitment and responsibility to ourselves,

I have to say, the surprises that come with the work I do are extraordinary. Every day I wake up and realise how lucky I am to love what I do and help others become better versions of themselves through awareness, healing and coaching.

Learning to ride the waves of feelings and frequency is an ongoing practice. I find that as people step into their own personal strength and power, they grow through their own expanded practices and experiences and require further guidance to navigate their inner and outer terrain.

Essentially our external worlds are a pure reflection of our inner world and often we have ‘blind-spots’. Being accountable for these can be tricky so coaching or mentoring provides a safe space where expansion can take place. I consider this to be important for optimising our wellbeing and helping us to stay aligned, refine our potential and maintain the wonder, joy and flow in life.

When we are tuned into our inner knowing and guidance we can then deeply trust ourselves and feel truly confident in who we are and the life we want to create through wellness and fulfilment. We then become the best example for others.

A few key questions to ask yourself right now are, is your vitality and awareness waxing or waning? What intentions are intuitively emerging for you and are you deeply listening? If 2018 felt like an ‘average’ year, are you ready to take the time to access your own inner wisdom and take action to make the rest of 2019 a ‘great’ year?

Connect with me if you would like to chat further about your journey and/or the answers you received for the above questions:

Look forward to talking with you soon!


By Gina Yallamas


About the author

Gina’s expertise in Energy Medicine lies in the ancient energy healing principles of Chinese Medicine Theory, Acupuncture and Shamanism. She believes that the underlying principles of living an intuitive, natural and fulfilling life based in holistic wellness is possible. Historically, nature’s laws guided all ancient cultures in developing ‘a way of life’ and humans were always in flow with nature’s rhythms.

Through her Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching, she helps empower and activate deeper awareness in new world leaders to access higher human potential and lead healthy, sustainable, purposeful and balanced change in themselves and others. She works with many leaders and professionals to help them develop alignment, fulfilment and flow.


Strategic Intervention Coaching Certification

B.Hlth.Sc (Traditional Chinese Medicine) UTS – Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Reiki 1,2,3