Andrew Hackett – How To Lighten Your Energy

Energy lightening sounds like something you do in the washing machine, doesn’t it? Try brand new “Fair Dinkum PowderTM” and it will put the brightness back in your day!

Yet, that’s not what I mean here. What I mean is that you are in control of how much energy that you feel every day and, more importantly, you can control the type of energy that you feel too. Being happy can be a choice as can being angry, for that matter.

You just need to learn how to take control of your energy and lighten your spirits too. Fortunately, there are a bunch of things you can do daily to make this happen, let’s see what they are:

Go For A Walk

Exercise is good for both the body and soul. You do not need to turn this into an extreme gym habit, however. The evidence is pretty conclusive that regular walking will keep you healthier and happier and you only need to put in 45 minutes, 5 times a week.

There’s another advantage to walking. If you do it on your own, it gives you a little solitude. Something that we don’t get enough of in modern life. People who spend time on their own regularly, solve problems more easily and find life much more simple to handle.

So, grab your walking shoes and get out of the house or the office. It’s cheap, easy and a lot of fun.

Get Out Into Nature

Walking is awesome for you but there’s something even better that you can do if you want to feel great every day – and that’s get out into nature.

The color green has been strongly demonstrated to improve the mood of human beings and make them feel more energized. This may be because we have a stronger connection to our primal roots than we realize.

What is certain is that the best way to get your dose of “green” is to slip out into nature and soak up the scenery. You may not be able to do this every day but the more often that you do it – the more you’re going to want to do it.

Try Meditating

Meditation or mindfulness as it’s often referred to in the modern-era has been demonstrated to help reduce stress and make people feel more “together”.

This, in turn, makes your spirit lighter and gives you more energy to handle the day. You do not need any fancy equipment to meditate and you don’t even need to be physically fit to do it either.

You can mediate in any quiet space and even 5 minutes a day has been shown to have substantial benefits for your life.

Speak To A Friend

It’s worth noting that human beings are social animals. We are designed to spend time around each and to enjoy each other’s company. Yet, in the era of social media – we’re spending less and less time with our friends.

If you want an instant energy boost – get out, see a friend and enjoy a real conversation and give them a hug (which will boost your serotonin levels too). You’ll feel better and as importantly they will feel better too.

There’s nothing in life more important than connection to our fellow man, never forget it.

Take A Power Nap

Did you know that Britain’s Margaret Thatcher only slept 4 hours a night all the time she was Prime Minister? She made it work by taking regular 15 minute power naps during the day. Your body chemistry turns 15 minutes of sleep into a huge energy boost.

Don’t sleep longer than that or you will enter a deeper kind of sleep which won’t recharge your batteries but rather drain them (unless you sleep for a much longer time).


If you want more energy, you don’t have to make dramatic changes in your life. You can feel better and happier with 5 tiny changes to your routine. Enjoy life and enjoy being yourself: go for a walk, get into nature, mediate, connect and take power naps! Easy, right?


By Andrew Hackett




In this life, Andrew Hackett’s mission is to help the beautiful souls of the world, free themselves of their daily fears so that they not only find their own purpose for being on this beautiful planet, but also so they can find the courage to take action on their destined purpose.

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