Jane Michell Shares Simplify Your Nutrition: Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy Lifestyles

Balancing A Busy Lifestyle & Nutrition

In the whirlwind of daily responsibilities, we often compromise our own health and well-being. Who has said, ‘I’m too busy to cook,’ while ordering a takeaway or throwing some chips in the fryer? But what if you could have it all? What if you could maintain a healthy diet irrespective of your schedule? In this blog, I will prove that a busy life can be compatible with health by outlining some simple hacks and practical tips for keeping on top of your nutrition.

How To Ditch The Takeaway

Although the occasional takeaway will do no harm, regularly reaching for that food delivery app will eventually compromise your overall health. Want easy and healthy meals? Batch-cooking is the way to go. You can defrost and reheat a healthy batch-cooked meal in less than the time it takes to place a takeaway order. Make it part of your weekly routine by increasing quantities when making your favourite meals, and freezing leftovers. Dishes such as curry, chilli, stew and dahl freeze beautifully and often taste even better the second time round. Steam some fresh vegetables for added nutrients. Just make sure you mark the containers clearly; nobody wants to play dinner roulette!

Get It Delivered

Ok, I may have suggested you ditch the food delivery app, but keep hold of the supermarket one as this is your key to reducing temptation. Many apps allow you to make a list of what you need, meaning you won’t go off-track or forced to face the less healthy food items. It’s often much quicker to do your food shopping online than visiting the store, plus it’s delivered to your door. Win-win!

Chop Chop

Speedy does it! Part of the problem with cooking from scratch every day is the time-consuming act of chopping the ingredients. Thankfully, companies have cottoned onto this, and you can now buy pre-chopped vegetables in most supermarkets. Have a look in the freezer aisle for diced onion, cubed sweet potatoes, and even frozen pre-prepared herbs.

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Quick And Nutrient-Dense Breakfasts

Eating a nutritious breakfast will help you stay full for longer, as well as giving you much-needed energy. Quick healthy breakfast ideas: green smoothies, low-sugar granola, high protein muesli, and overnight oats. Protein sources to include in these options include nuts, seeds, and Greek yoghurt.

Go Out For Dinner

Yes, I’ve been singing the praises of homemade food, but eating out isn’t as detrimental to your health as you might think. The trick is to prepare by looking at the menu in advance, and choosing meals laden with vegetables and lean proteins. Opt for grilled or baked food instead of fried, a salad instead of fries, and watch the portion size.

Buying and cooking whole foods is always the best option, but sometimes compromises need to be made when time is short. I hope you find these tips useful and can continue (or begin) your journey knowing that your nutritional and well-being needs can be met, regardless of your lifestyle.

Do you have any healthy eating hacks you’d like to share?

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