Lacy Sharpe Shares What Makes Me Happy Running My Own Business

My business journey has led me on a path of self-discovery, healing, solo parenting, and personal development. 


As a woman with no prior business, marketing, or sales experience, I’ve had to overcome many challenges, and there have been many days when I’ve felt like giving up. However, I’ve persevered through the highs and lows, and even though I still have much to learn, running my own business has given me more than I could have ever imagined.


I truly enjoy being my own boss! If you possess a natural sense of motivation and independence, along with the ability to self-discipline, you might enjoy it as well. However, being your own boss is not all fun and games. You must hold yourself accountable, which can sometimes be a challenge. Nevertheless, having full control over your business and all decisions can be liberating. For me, the ability to make decisions and choose every aspect of my business ignites a childlike sense of excitement.


My favourite and most valued aspect of running my own business is the flexibility and freedom it offers. I had been working a 9-5 job for many years, but when the pandemic hit and everything changed, it pushed me to seek the change I truly desired: freedom and flexibility. I wanted to spend more time at coffee shops, and by the ocean. Now, I can take my laptop and work from wherever I please. Being employed by someone else would not have allowed me that simple freedom.

I do not believe in the typical five-day workweek with two days off; that is not what life is for. Running my own business means that I can choose when I work, and it has created a much better work-life balance for me, resulting in a general boost in my overall happiness. I can attend gym classes, go to the beach in the morning, or early afternoon, and I can do my grocery shopping when it’s quieter. I can even pop on a load of laundry while working from home. Having the ability to do all these things has given me more free time on weekends for social and family events, which has contributed to an improvement in my mental health.

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Making An Impact

Since launching my business, I have been open about sharing my ups and downs, including the challenges and obstacles I’ve encountered along the way. I believe there is tremendous power in everyone’s story, and by opening up and sharing my vulnerability, I have received many messages from people about how I have inspired them and positively impacted their lives. There is no humbler experience in business than receiving such messages.

For instance, one lady was feeling unfulfilled in her job because it was not aligned with her passion. I spoke with her for a few minutes, asked a few questions, and encouraged her to apply for a job that she thought was out of her league, but would be her ultimate dream job. She took my advice, landed the job, and doubled her annual salary in the process. She had never felt more satisfied in her career and couldn’t thank me enough for the push to pursue her dreams.


I used to think of myself as lacking creativity. I’m not artistic, I don’t come up with revolutionary ideas, and I am hopeless at fashion and home design. However, owning my own business has taught me that creativity comes in many forms, and I’ve discovered that I can be creative too. In fact, it’s become one of the most enjoyable parts of running my business. For example, designing free e-books and resources for mums, allows me to take a break from routine tasks and explore my creative side. Seeing a digital product that I have created, that is unique and an expression of who I am, fills me with pride. It’s hard to believe that someone like me, who thought they had no creativity, could make something so inspiring.


Having my own business has taught me so much about myself, including things I never knew existed. It has highlighted my capabilities as well as my weaknesses, and being aware of both is important for personal growth.

It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed while running your own business, but it’s important to remember that you are your own boss now. If you’re feeling too much pressure, take some of it off. You’re the only one adding pressure to your life.

In summary, having your own business is no easy ride, but it’s one hell of a life-changing adventure. Life is a journey, and you have a choice: ride the motorcycle and explore, or stay on the bus that travels to the same place every day?


About The Author

Lacy is a single mother who migrated from England to Australia alone in 2010. Originally planning to backpack for a few months, she ended up staying in Australia permanently and embracing the waves of life.

Lacy’s journey has led her on a path of self-discovery, healing, solo parenting, and personal development. She has discovered that life presents us with many cards and pathways to explore, and that our mental health and mindset are the foundation and gateway for how we enjoy and live life.

Lacy has built a coaching business, Blue Sunflower Inspirations that supports and empowers mothers through a range of programs. In addition, she generously hosts a free Facebook group where like-minded mums can connect and work on improving their mindsets. Her upcoming self-guidebook for single mothers is eagerly anticipated and scheduled to be published within the next 12-18 months.

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