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Muse Words is producing the most motivational video in the world to promote The Book of Success – and we need your help putting it together.

The Book of Success (produced by yours truly) is probably one of the motivational books ever written. And to help spread the word about it, we’re putting together a chill out motivational video featuring inspiring images of success from all over the world. The video will be posted on YouTube for all the world to enjoy. It will be a lot like our earlier motivational video that you can see here:

Would you like to be part of this awesome project?   Send us a photo (or photo’s) that sums up what success means to you and we’ll include it in our chill out motivational video. It could be an image of you, a family member or friend running a marathon, you achieving a goal you’d set yourself, winning an award, cuddling your newborn baby, relaxing on the beach. It could just be a wonderful sunny day in the park. You get the picture. Now we’d like to share it with the world. Send us your picture of success and make the world a brighter place.

The only criteria is that the image must belong to you and you can grant is the right to use it and it must be horizontal or square shape (like the image below) rather than vertical.








To get started,  fill in the form below and attach your photo.

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