The Top Ten Energy Healers Awards 2019 – Les Flitcroft

Les Flitcroft

He has coached the famous Tony Robbins himself and holds a unique position when it comes to empowering people to transform them to be better, happier and more successful in their lives. He is the Director of Institute of Pranic Healing for UK, Ireland, Gibraltar & Costa del Sol and travels, talks and teaches across UK, Ireland and Europe.

Les is a husband, father of 3 children and was formally an Aerospace Engineer. He has faced many challenges in his earlier life including being left with two broken arms following a sporting accident, which culminated in one of his arms being completely paralysed. He learnt and mastered the Science of Energy which helped to transform his arm back to its original condition.

He is famous for his amazing sense of humour and his zest for life. He is not a “Guru” but a modern day mentor who believes the power lies within you and even sky is not the limit!

You can read his story that made him into a Pranic Healer in the book : “If I Can, You Can edited by Jacqueline Rose”.


Nominees Three Achievements:


Les is a master energy healer. He has successfully helped many people suffering from serious ailments such as tumours, cancers, heart ailments, arthritis, asthma and also with addictions such as smoking, alcoholism and other substance addiction. He is equally successful in treating children and young adults and has many success stories in dealing with cases of autism, anxiety, stress and other mental health issues. His patients have reported great results in getting rid of old traumas, difficult childhood memories which gives them a chance to hit reset button on their lives and total freedom to create new ones.

There are testimonials to the healing’s that Les has provided some of them are examples of overnight miracles, especially around heart conditions.

Healing Case 1: An 8-year-old kid is diagnosed with autism and his mother approaches Les for healing. After a single healing session, the child was calmer and after a few sessions of healing’s, the parents noticed a significant change in his behaviour. Les also advised his mother to learn Pranic healing herself thereby empowering her to help her son by continuing regular healing’s for her son. This has improved change the family’s health collectively.

Healing Case 2 : This one case stands quite distinctly where a very upset lady who is also a student of Les called him late at night as her husband was having a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. Les immediately used distant healing technique (as the patient was in Ireland) to help. In the morning, the doctors were very surprised with the positive test results which indicated a completely healthy heart. They just couldn’t understand what happened overnight! Inspired by this event the entire family including their daughter have all become trained Pranic Healers !

He has helped many people going through relationship problems using techniques of Pranic Healing and has helped many families from breaking apart. Les teaches a new energetic perspective about relationships that provides simple tools and techniques to reduce friction, increase harmony and create happier homes.

He has a great mastery over energy and also its application in various areas of life. He has demonstrated this by helping many people with their career and finances. People from all walks of life approach Les and these include the likes of doctors, nurses, carers to executives handling big businesses and doing very stressful jobs. Les helps them with their careers by helping them find a sense of purpose and satisfaction thereby helping them excel in their existing careers or in making the right change. He also helps with practical tip and techniques to reduce work induced stress and anxiety and increase productivity.

**All the cases are real life examples and the names are not mentioned to protect the identity in this article, although the testimonials are tracked and can be provided.


A brighter future for children – Meditation on Stillness CD by Les Flitcroft

Les is very passionate about the health in children and understands that by helping kids understand their own emotions he can help create a future that is brighter and happier. Few years back he created a CD for teaching stillness meditation to kids. This cd has been adopted and used by many children in schools and other places.

He has empowered many school teachers, principles and nurses in schools and have taught them to run these programs using this meditation cd so he has reach and help as many children as possible and create a better tomorrow.


“I want to help as many people as I can” – Les Flitcroft

Les is very passionate about holistic health: which includes physical health and mental health. When he works on his patients he just not only helps them with physical ailments he also works on the root cause of many of those ailments and helps people understand the impact of thoughts and emotions on the physical health of the person. All his healings include this approach and enables people to achieve long lasting results.

He has created many online sessions for people (open to all) which can be accessed at a very nominal cost to be viewed. In these sessions he gives deep understanding of various topics and also gives techniques to start make changes in those areas.

His driving factor is to help as many people in need as he can.