The Top Ten Energy Healers 2019 – Geraldine Lo Monaco

Geraldine Lo Monaco

I have travelled around the world since I was in my twenties. I lived in many cities like Milan, Turin, Geneva, New York, and Chicago before landing in Montreal in 1999. Here, something happened. I have met a lady who told me I am a natural born healer. You cannot imagine my astonishment and curiosity.

She was a medium. She explained to me how crucial is the balance between body, mind, and spirit and the relationship between physical body and energy. Throughout her mediumship, she taught me the basics of Energy Healing and meditation. My journey into Energy Medicine was just started.

By the time, I have obtained many certifications and attended to dozens of workshops, conferences, and seminars held by enlightened healers from all over the world who allowed me to shape my healing style.
My passion and dedication were increasingly fueled by the results and the immense gratitude of all the beautiful souls I treated and helped.

In 2008, I took a decisive step and became a professional Energy Healing Practitioner.

In 2017, I relocated from Calgary to Toronto where I have met and built relationships with many alternative and traditional medicine practitioners who are playing a great role in both my professional and personal growth.

My greatest accomplishments:

My clients’ gratitude and being a referral also for traditional medicine practitioners like cardiologists, neurologists, and psychotherapists who rely on my practice to grant their patients a holistic, faster, and more conscious healing process.

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