Hayden Thin Shares How To Smash Your Exercise Goals During Winter

We’re almost in the middle of winter here in Australia and as the weather cools down our motivation often slows down too. The short, cold days make it hard to get out of bed early or be outdoors during the day.

Here Are My Top Tips To

Staying Active During The Winter Months

Build Movement Into Your Everyday Life:

Getting off the tram one or two stops early and walking the rest of the way or walking the stairs rather than taking the elevator. Plan to meet friends at a venue that is within walking distance to your home or walking to the shops and carrying your groceries back home are great ways of adding exercise to your day.

Workout During The Day:

Exercising at lunch time and being outside during the day can help adding sun exposure which maintains vitamin D levels improves your sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Plan A Holiday:

Booking a winter escape to somewhere warm provides a goal and strong incentive to keep exercising through those winter weeks. Many Club Forma clients head away to Europe during the latter weeks of winter helping them to stay focussed on their health and fitness goals leading up to then.

Establish Realistic Goals:

Be kind to yourself and set goals that challenge but are realistic and achievable. Setting lofty physical appearance goals might seem exciting at the time, however once the initial excitement of undertaking a new exercise regime has worn off, those hard to achieve goals can become demotivating. If you’re not sure what is achievable for you, investing in a personal trainer and getting some expert help would be a great investment.

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Being Accountable To Others:

Studies have found that making a financial commitment, such as paying for a gym membership, is not enough incentive for most people to routinely show up and do the work that is required to achieve their goals. A recent survey found 6.2 million Australians have a gym membership, however 50% of them were attending the gym less than once a week – that’s 3.1 million adults.

Partnering up with a workout buddy or investing in a personal trainer is a great way of making sure you turn up to your workouts and smash your goals. It will make those workouts a lot more engaging and fun also. At Club Forma our trainers sometimes use misdirection as a technique, where we engage the client in fun conversation, so they often arrive at the end of a really intense workout without knowing how they got there

Don’t Give Up:

It might seem a simple proposition but reminding yourself that Springtime is only 12 weeks away and counting, can keep your head in the game and help you stay focused on your exercise. That’s only two 6-week training cycles – Springtime and the warm weather will be here before you know it.

Which one of my tips are you going to take on board today…

Leave me a comment below, together we’ve got this!


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