Kelly Weideman Shares Embracing Innovation In Business And Fitness

As a co-founder of Evolt, I have seen how the power of embracing change and fostering innovation while staying true to our core values has benefited our business. I recently had the opportunity to accept the Fuel Women’s Fitness Business Summit’s “Fuel Woman of the Year 2023” award at the event, where I was also able to share my thoughts on nurturing innovation and driving transformative growth.

In this article, I want to delve deeper into those insights and provide strategies to reimagine female business owners’ potential collectively and ensure a successful journey of growth for all of us.

Moving Beyond Comfort Zones

One of the key lessons I’ve learned in this role is that what got us to where we are today, will not get us where we want to go tomorrow. To truly embrace the future, we must be agile, unafraid to move fast, and step out of our comfort zones. It’s crucial to be fearless and innovate in any way we can. By keeping a keen eye on industry trends and joining various industry publications and associations, we can stay informed about the latest developments and technologies in the fitness world.

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Balancing Innovation and Core Values: A Seamless Integration

At Evolt, balancing innovation with our core values is second nature to us. Innovation is deeply ingrained in our company culture and is one of our five core values: customer service, trust, passion, success, and innovation. As a technology company, we understand that staying ahead of the game and being the best in the industry requires constant innovation and we are excited about the solid tech pipeline of innovations we have in store for both our business and consumer customers, which we will be launching in the near future.

Overcoming Resistance to Change: Strategies for Success

Driving transformative growth often comes with resistance to change. To overcome this, I shared some strategies that we have found effective:

  1. Have A Clear Strategy And Execution Plan: A well-defined plan and effective execution provide a roadmap for change, ensuring everyone understands their role in the process.
  2. Gather As Much Feedback From Your Team: Engaging the team in decision-making and actively seeking their feedback fosters a sense of ownership and can increase employee engagement over the long term.
  3. Foster Strong Communication: Transparent and consistent communication is vital to alleviate fears and uncertainties associated with change, keeping the entire organisation informed and aligned.
  4. Celebrate Your Successes And Milestones: Recognising and celebrating achievements along the journey reinforces the positive impact of change, motivating the team to embrace future initiatives.

“Start Unknown, Finish Unforgettable”

Throughout my career, one quote has made a profound impact on me: “Start unknown, finish unforgettable.” This mantra reminds me that greatness often emerges from humble beginnings. It encourages me to embrace new challenges, pursue innovation, and strive to leave an indelible mark on the world.

I believe that by embracing change, striking a balance between innovation and core values, managing resistance, and drawing inspiration from other exceptional female leaders, we can empower ourselves and our organisations to reimagine our potential and achieve transformative growth. Let’s embrace the power of innovation and continue pushing those boundaries.

Do you have a mantra that has impacted you on your journey?

Love to hear it and why?  Leave a comment below….


About The Author

Kelly Weideman and Edward Zouroudis of Evolt360. Photo by Celeste Humphrey/The Photo Pitch


A frontrunner in the fit tech space, Kelly Weideman is the co-founder of global health tech company Evolt. Originally from South Africa and now an Australian citizen, she and business partner Ed Zouroudis grew the company from a Gold Coast start-up to a global brand with global partners like Anytime Fitness and Virgin Voyages.

Kelly is involved in the Gold Coast Accelerator Mentor Program and a board member for Fitness Wellness Australia. She is also a member of Fit Summit’s Leadership Circle – an invitation-only, hybrid community driving new investment and innovation into and across Asia-Pacific. Last year Kelly was listed among Australia’s top 100 entrepreneurs.

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