Maria Braun Shares Why Building Confidence In Business Is A Series Of Daily Habits

Building Confidence In Business Is A Series Of Daily Habits

Confidence is a quality that has played a significant role in my personal and professional journey so far but, of course, like many people there are times when I doubt my own abilities. As the General Manager at Motor Culture Australia (MCA), Australia’s largest motor culture community and tech platform, leadership is intrinsic to my role and while leadership is based on many qualities, self-belief and personal development are two of the most crucial.

It takes a certain level of self-belief to lead a team of talented individuals and self-development is intrinsic to that process, to ensure you’re helping both yourself and others reach the highest level of potential. However, it takes the right recipe for success to build confidence in business both within individuals and a team, to ensure you stoke enthusiasm, self-autonomy and creativity.

Building A Team Based On Passion Builds Confidence

Passion is one of the most important qualities in a workplace and is vital to building confidence. Passionate employees tend to be more engaged, driven and willing to go the extra mile. In fact, highly engaged teams and employees are 21 percent more profitable due to lower turnover rates and a reduction in absenteeism.

Despite this, confidence can either be stoked or extinguished and, at times, this is entirely dependent on the culture of a workplace or its management. I’ve had the opportunity in my current role to build a team from the ground up and that presented me with an opportunity to do it right. Backed by MCA’s supportive co-founders Thomas Fu and Tom Mcpherson, we set about creating a culture of confidence and passion.

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However, ensuring I built a successful team took self-reflection and research on what inspires and hinders personal and professional growth. Over the years, I’ve had my own example of what not to do and those learnings were incredibly useful.

At the same time, I’ve looked up to leaders who have inspired me and examined how their success has enabled them to help others. This support and guidance I received has helped me create a structure that gives me the confidence to lead my team at MCA to not only fulfil their roles, but to build their own concept of what that looks like.

Drawing Inspiration Through Professional Networks

As age-old as the adage is, you are who you surround yourself with and this is especially true when applied to business. Throughout my career, I always gravitated towards networking opportunities where I could connect with business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Being around people who had significant wisdom and experience in business gave me something to aspire to and learn from. Absorbing information from leaders, across many fields, through networking has helped me up-skill and has shaped my behaviour in a way that exudes confidence.

However, one crucial learning I realised along the way was that every successful venture was once built on someone’s idea, who was just like me. In business, people can bring up many factors to try and dissolve your confidence whether that’s age, gender or any other factor that makes you different, but these factors should never be considered especially when it relates to your ability to speak up or contribute.

While I always want to lead by example, I’ve also come to understand that hiring individuals who are smarter than me is essential, and trusting their capabilities and empowering them to excel in their roles creates a strong foundation for success.

 Looking Forward As An Entrepreneur And Leader

As the founder of my own beauty business Mirabele Beauty and the General Manager of MCA, I wear many hats and doing so has required me to take risks and stay constantly open to change. I’ve learnt failure is not a reflection of my worth or abilities, instead it provides an opportunity for growth and a chance to view challenges from different perspectives.

Success and confidence, to me, are a series of habits that are built upon every day, which align with my core values. To be confident in business your only limitations are those you set upon yourself, because through passion, determination, and resilience, there is always a way to overcome obstacles.

How have you found your confidence in business and your daily life?

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About The Author 

Maria is an entrepreneur and business leader with a passion for scaling businesses. At 26, she has founded multiple companies, notably, Mirabele Beauty, a rapidly growing business in the self-care industry. As the General Manager of Motor Culture Australia, Maria assists with revenue, sales and operations growth.

Prior to this, Maria honed her skills in sales, for over eight years, as a top-performing sales representative at renowned Australian companies, including Telstra and tech unicorn, GO1. Her tertiary qualifications include business and law, providing her with the perfect background for business.

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