Puja McClymont – Selfcare During Lockdown

With some of us still in lockdown in different parts of the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic (that seems to have gone on for ever now) it’s essential to be aware of your selfcare. Puja McClymont shares some really useful selfcare tips to ensure you keep a happy mindset and be productive in your work time while at home:

  1. Is it still important for us to get dressed for work? 

It is just as important for us to get dressed for work now as it has always been. If we keep to a routine that includes getting dressed, we are more likely to be productive and not just flop on the sofa and start a Netflix binge. Essentially, you’re keeping your mind active by telling it that you have structure in your day. This will also keep you motivated especially as the season is about to change, which will naturally have us at home more.

  1. Should we still put on our make-up and paint our nails.

Putting on make-up and painting your nails is an excellent way to tell yourself that you’re in a work day. It doesn’t matter if you have any meetings that day, it’s important to get used to doing it for yourself. As you pass a mirror throughout your day it’ll help to boost your self-esteem and keep you motivated and the dopamine flowing. When you don’t do these simple acts of self-care or presentation, every time you look at yourself, you’ll start to chip away at your insecurities which is less likely to happen if you’re dressed. The best part of this is that you learn to do your makeup/ hair/ nails for yourself rather than for work or others.

  1. Where possible should we have a dedicated space at home away from the washing up and laundry etc…

Wherever possible, you should absolutely have a dedicated space to work. Even if that means your dining table from 9-5pm is your work desk, make sure that the space is ready for a work day and not a laundry day. Best to stick to doing household chores either side of your work day too so that you get the most of your workday.

  1. How or what can we do to make that crossover from working to home life now we don’t have that commute home?

I always recommend that clients go for a walk when their workday is finished. The change in environment can be invigorating and creates that commute feeling. I also suggest a walk before you start your day. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, 15 minutes to half an hour is great otherwise if you just roll out of bed on to your laptop and then flop to the sofa at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself feeling less and less motivated for anything not just work.

What have you found really worked for you during this time? Love to hear your comments….


About The Author

Puja McClymont is a qualified Life and Business Coach and NLP practitioner. She is one of London’s most sought after life coaches helping her strong, ambitious clients to stop feeling pressured to achieve their life goals.

By combining spiritual and scientific techniques with her straight-talking and intuitive nature, Puja is able to help clients create a balanced approach to their career, relationship and health goals. Puja has developed her coaching style to offer a bespoke experience for her clients from incorporating counselling,

CBT, NLP, positive psychology through to Ayurveda & Yogic principles, reiki and meditation. https://pujamcclymont.com

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