The Ten Energy Healers 2019 – Mashenka Barlag

Mashenka Barlag

As a practitioner I support my clients to listen to themselves, to process and restore the harmony that they are seeking.  To live a healthy, fulfilling life where there is flow, an important step to take is becoming aware of suppressed emotions in order to consciously release them from your body. Suppressing feelings, can have an impact years later in your life and you may not always be able to make the connection. What there is to do is allow them to move through the body and releasing them. Recall, accept and release. This creates freedom, ease and grace in our body and energy field.

I love working with entire families so that balance can be restored in the family unit. Often times members surrogate for each other and hold family patterns both emotionally and physically. I work on babies, children and adults.

I run a busy practice on the Gold Coast and I have a dynamic toolkit to work on a wide range of symptoms including physical, biochemical, emotional/mental and spiritual issues.

Examples of issues I address includes:

?Depression & anxiety
?Relationship difficulties
?Physical pain
?Weight reduction
?Chronic constipation
?Acid reflux
?High and low blood pressure
?Sleeping difficulties
?Lack of energy
?Ear infections
?Itchy skin
?Pain Relief 
?Relief from Sciatica
?Back & Neck problems 
?Shoulder, Hip and Knee Problems
?Sports Performance and Flexibility
?Corrects Muscular Imbalance 
?Emotional Trauma
?Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia
?Food Sensitivity 
?Past or present traumas
?Suppressed emotions
?Stress related disorders
?Emotional imbalances
?Fears and phobias
?Habits & addictions
?Self sabotage
?Self esteem and confidence
?Communication difficulties
?Self responsibility
?Goal setting and achievement
?Disconnection with spirit
?Finding life purpose, discovering your joy and passion
?Peace & harmony
?Increased creativity
When considering your symptoms (depression, pain, etc) my purpose is to uncover the root cause of the stress that resulted in your symptom and to remove that energy blockage.

My Healing  Toolkit Includes:

? Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology
? Neural Organisation Technique
? Hypertonix Sports Kinesiology 
? Spinal Flow Technique
? Educational Kinesiology 
? Sat Nam Rasayan 
? EFT/ Tapping
? Allergy Work  
? Holographic Repatterning  
I work from two clinics on the Gold Coast, one in Ashmore and the other in Robina at “Beyond Good Health”.
For bookings please call me on 0401337716