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Good Vibes Only- 5 Ways To Truly Embody The Phrase Good Vibes

‘Vibes’ or ‘vibrations’ are everywhere (literally) and not just in the songs you hear, branding you see or conversations you have.

‘Good vibes’ is literally the positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation. How do you feel when you walk into a room and you get ‘bad vibes’? Like you don’t want to be there. That is your frequencies interpreting and tuning into the frequencies in the room/ the people… it’s a self-preservation mechanism… best advice get out asap!

So, you’ve already experienced vibes for yourself!

Vibrations are frequencies or oscillating waves, that you see as vibrations of light and you hear as vibrations of sound. Things you encounter daily affect your vibrational frequency. You can notice this for example when you are vibrating at a higher resonance, you feel awesome!

Your nervous system interprets different levels of vibration into your senses; sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. The frequencies you encounter influence you in more ways than you realise. You are like a radio, receiving, interpreting and tuning into a specific frequency or vibration, and you are also creating and emitting vibrations out into the world.

Same Vibe

The whole ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ is kind of true, as the frequency or resonance that you are putting out there is one that other people can tune into and reciprocate at a cellular level- this is when you are in harmony with another person. You are just like a magnet, drawing similar vibrations towards you.

If you feel someone has ‘good vibes’, it means they are creating and transmitting positive emotions or thought vibrations. When you vibe with someone it means that you are either emitting similar emotions or thought vibrations, which can be either positive or negative, you are both on the same wave length. So putting out those good vibes not only boosts your vibration it attracts or magnetises similar frequencies to you.

What frequencies are you putting out into the Universe today?

“Sounds Of Summer” Art by Jacqueline Rose. To Find Out More Click Here.

Good Vibes And Bad Vibes

How can you truly embody the phrase ‘good vibes’?

It begins with your intention. When a positive intention interacts with something, such as an energy field, it can create a harmonic form and manifest a change in frequency and the vibratory field. The same occurs in reverse with negative thoughts.

When you feel a negative emotion, which can feel pretty strong or overwhelming, you literally lower your frequency and cellular vibration. If you then choose to suppress it, or unknowingly you suppress it, it can become ‘trapped’ in your body. Creating an area of stagnation, or pooling of energy- your energy needs to flow freely for optimal health. Emotions are often linked to different places within the body, but they can become ‘trapped’ anywhere. So next time you feel something, be mindful of it, accept it, release it.

Changing Your Vibration

If you want to change your vibration you need to tune into a different frequency. Retuning your frequency means you will be drawn to other people tuned to that frequency. People on that wavelength will often have a similar outlook on life, and people who you are put off by will have a very different outlook on life. Being in a positive state of emotion will attract other people with good vibes, and your hearts desires.

Here are 4 things you can do to move into a positive vibration

  1. Self Regulation

Re-establishing a connection with your body and noticing what is occurring in it goes a long way to regulating it. A simple method of this is to notice what you are experiencing in real time and what you are feeling. For example, if I asked you how does your right big toe feel to you? Are you thinking about your right big toe and whether there is any pain or pressure, whether it is warm or cold, how the floor or your footwear feels against it?

Before I asked, you probably weren’t mindful of your big toe- this is shifting your attention to now. A simple body scan starts by checking in with your body- notice how it feels- starting at the top of the head and working through each area of the body all the way down to your toes. Then to promote regulation and relaxation repeat this process moving down through the body, whilst repeating that the area feels calm, warm and relaxed. Once you get down to your toes, your whole body should feel warm, calm and relaxed.

  1. Story Telling

What’s your story and where did it come from? How often have you told yourself something that wasn’t true? If you tell yourself a negative story it becomes a barrier, it’s not productive or helpful. It’s a self-talk trap.

So, if it’s not a good story then tell yourself a better one. Start by reframing your narrative ‘I don’t have time’ with an internal dialogue that will nourish and motivate you, something like; ‘I need to make certain I schedule in some me time’ or ‘How can I make time to care for myself right now?’. Being mindful of your inner dialogue means you’ll be able to identify that negative story and you will find it easier to craft a more constructive and compassionate response.

  1. Practicing Gratitude

Practicing daily gratitude is the gateway to receiving and raising your vibration. There is always something to be grateful for. It may even be this breath or moment right now, but there is always something. Last thing at night, before you go to sleep, think of something that you are grateful for and feel how grateful you are. It also means that the last thing you think about is something positive and it sets you up for restful sleep, though you can be grateful at any point in your day.

Here is a gratitude meditation that may help. Try it, right now, what are you grateful for?

  1. Quantum Thinking

When you observe something, you change it- where your attention goes your energy flows. In the quantum realm there are particles and waves of possibility. When you put good stuff out there into the world, the karmic laws mean that it will also find its way back to you. So by creating positive intentions you are raising your personal resonance and attracting similar to you. Every emotion you have has its own specific frequency. Every time you feel a positive emotion, or have a positive thought you are literally raising your frequency and cellular vibration. Exactly how you feel when you are in love.

What you think about you feel, what you feel you attract. Thoughts are electric. Emotions are magnetic. Be the kind of magnet you want to be

What can you do today that will raise your vibration?


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