Anna Scheller Asks What Does Relaxation & Selfcare Look Like For You?

Women have perhaps the longest history of actually accomplishing different things and getting things done, but we also have some of the longest periods of burnout and highest rates of exhaustion in the world. It’s not uncommon for us to become so consumed in the busy-ness of our business, that we don’t take time for ourselves. Even though, as an old piece of Chinese wisdom says, “you cannot pour from an empty cup.”

It’s taken years for me to apply this principle, even though I’ve been aware of it for far longer than I’ve had it implemented.

The Tricky Part

In most media today, we see business women taking time for themselves by going to clubs, having bubble baths, and eating loads of chocolate. But that has never held appeal for me, so I spent a long time wondering how self-care was supposed to help me. What finally helped was realizing that self-care and relaxation looks different for each person.

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What may help someone else, might not help me. So I began doing some self-reflection. This made a huge difference. I realized that because I thought self-care was bubble baths and chocolate, I wasn’t actually taking care of myself because I didn’t enjoy those things. Additionally, I discovered the activities that truly relax me and help me decompress so I can be the CEO I need to be tomorrow.

I discovered that relaxation and self-care for me looks a lot like breathing meditation in the evenings, early morning workouts, and crime shows or books after dinner. And occasionally a massage treatment (something that I can’t replicate at home, and, which forces me to focus on the present moment due to the intensity of the deep-tissue massages I get).


This part wasn’t tricky, but it is certainly the more difficult part of self-care and relaxation.

As a business woman, there is a very strong urge to keep working and keep going and never give myself a second to breathe because I could always be doing more. Every day it is a struggle to stop the self-sabotage, calm my mind, and force myself to do the things that relax me even if I don’t feel like I have time for it. But the willpower it takes is worth it!

Because when I do take time to relax and calm myself and take care of myself, I reap the benefits tenfold the next day when I’m able to come into the office fully focused and ready to knock it out.

So My Question To You Is Twofold:

  1. What does self-care and relaxation look like for you?
  2. How much are you willing to lose before you start implementing it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below…


About The Author:

Anna Scheller is the founder & CEO of Capri Temporary Housing, a provider of short-term furnished apartments from California to Texas. Anna started her business nearly two decades ago and quickly found that her Italian flair for hospitality and penchant for business allowed her to take the small business, headquartered in Del Rio, TX onto the national stage as the premier provider for corporate housing. She is still married to her husband of 40-years and lavishes love on her chihuahua mix, Roo and, because that’s not enough for this talented mother of seven, is also a regular feature on the popular Careers From The Kitchen Table TV show on RokuTV.

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